Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance

Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidance

Italy has specific requirements to follow for you to qualify for an investor visa.
Here at Investor Visa for Italy, we’ll make your application process much smoother.

Like any other country, Italy has its nuances when it comes to getting an investor visa.

You have to stay within the scope of the requirements and the application process to improve your chances of approval.

While it can seem intimidating, there is one significant way to make this process easier.
All you need is some Investor Visa for Italy policy guidance from those who specialize in getting investor visas.

Investor Visa for Italy has helped many of those desiring to gain the benefits of an Italian investor visa. Contact us today to learn more about our process.

Investor Visa for Italy Requirements

The investor visa has several requirements that need maintenance throughout its issuance.


According to the country’s laws, you must have a minimum investment in an Italian company.
Or an Italian Start-Up. Or in Government Bonds.
Or have donated enough to a philanthropic cause.

The Investment options

The amount you’d need to put out will depend on what you’re investing in.
Here below are the four categories:

With the Investor Visa for Italy, you can buy stakes or shares in innovative startups.

The official list of innovative startups, which is updated every week and accessible free of charge, is available on the dedicated website of the Italian Chambers of Commerce system.

A company incorporated and operating in Italy. 
With the Italy Investor Visa program, you can own stakes or shares in limited companies incorporated and resident in Italy.

A Company, for being considered “Italian”, must be an Italian tax resident
As a part of our assistance, we will check if your investment will qualify for the Investor Visa.

You can make a Philanthropic donation to an Italian cultural Institution or other entities with charitable goals.

There is no specific philanthropic destination for the Investor Visa for Italy. 
We will analyze it case-by-case basis.

It refers to the Italian Republic Treasury Bonds, Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds, Long-term Treasury Bonds, Long-Term Treasury Bonds index-linked to European inflation, and BTP Italy.

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Can you please summarize the investment allowed for the Investor Visa?

Yes, here is a quick list of the 4 eligible investment options:

  • An investment of 2,000,000 euros in government bonds
  • A 1,000,000 euro donation to a philanthropic group in Italy
  • A minimum of 500,000 euros for Italian company stock. It must be a joint-stock company
  • A minimum of 250,000 euro investment in an innovative start-up company

The investment requirements used to be higher, but the government recently changed its stance.

The goal is to encourage investors outside the country to see Italy as an appealing prospect.
The change in the policies has led to a drastic change in interest from investors around the world.

One of the reasons you may want to choose to invest here is the lower barrier to entry.
You get all the benefits of an investor visa, plus visa-free access to the European Schengen area.

Italy isn’t strict with its requirements to maintain its status as well.

As long as you keep your investment, you will retain your status.

If you ever need any help fulfilling the requirements and ensuring that it counts towards the visa, we can help you.
Investor Visa for Italy wants to make the process as convenient as possible.
We handle most of the heavy lifting, so you have peace of mind throughout the process.

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Application for Investor Visa Italy

The application begins through the website of the Ministry of Economic Development.
You can complete the application there, though they will issue your visa in person.
In submitting, you have to make sure that you have all the requirements set.

Here’s a step-by-step process of how it usually works:

  1. Prepare all documents requested – we will do it for you.
  2. Complete the forms and upload all required attachments.
    These will include financial records, passports, and other relevant documents.
  3. Validate the final declaration using an electronic signature and submit.
  4. From there, you’ll wait for approval from the Committee Secretariat.
    If you get the green light, you will then wait for the final evaluation.
    They may ask for some supplementary documents if they feel that they need additional information.
  5. The committee usually decides on the visa within 30 days.
    If approved, you’ll receive a confirmation and an issuance of a Nulla Osta.
    Like in the previous step, they may need additional information.
  6. Once completed, you have six months to require an investor visa.
    You can do that through any of their country’s local representation.
    You’ll have to submit the documents from before along with the Nulla Osta.
  7. After you get the visa, it will remain valid for 2 years.
    You can extend this for an additional three years when it’s near its end.


The first time you will enter Italy, you need to apply for the Residence Permit as an Investor.
You have 8 days for doing that.

While this may seem like an overwhelming process, Investor Visa for Italy is here to help.
We can do most of their application process.
You’ll only have to sign the documents and provide the necessary information.

It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t experience the stress and hassle of applying.
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What do I have to do after having the Investor Visa?
How to set up my residency in Italy?

After you travel to Italy, you can begin the residency application.
You do so through a local police station.
You bring proof of identity and the visa, providing information about your arrival.
You may also need to validate documents and upload a copy of the investment documents.

The residency process is often an easy one to go through.
Sometimes there will be a need for additional documents, but there won’t be a problem if you have complete information.

Our service at Investor Visa for Italy extends to residency as well.
You can have one of our experts handle the application on your behalf.

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What do I have to do for renewing the Investor Visa?

Nearing the end of visa validity, you can apply for an extension.
It’s only possible to do so once you are within 60 days of the end date.

You’ll need to provide proof that you have maintained your investment throughout the two years.
and then, you need to validate the documents with your signature.
After that, you can get another one which you can download and print.

What Happens Next?

If you retain your investor visa for the full five years, you have the option to apply for permanent residency. Being a permanent resident will remove some of the stricter requirements you need.

You won’t have to keep renewing your status in the country.

Partner with us when you’re looking for a smooth process and professional staff to handle each aspect of the Investor visa.

Our goal is to provide the help you need so you don’t have to go through the entire process by yourself.
We’ll answer any concerns you have and keep you updated throughout the process.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Investor Visa for Italy Policy Guidances

How much money do I need to invest to get permanent residency in Italy?

The minimum investment needed for getting the Investor Visa for Italy is € 250,000.

How much money do you need for an Investor visa?

The minimum investment needed for getting the Investor Visa for Italy is € 250,000.
You can select between four different types of investments.
It depends on how much money you want to invest, and where you want to invest.
You can invest up to 2,000,000 € (two million Euro) into Italian Government Bonds.

Does Italy offer a Golden visa?

Italy has a Golden Visa program.
The program is well-known also with the name Investor Visa for Italy.
It’s currently the only way to get Italy residency by investment.

How can I get Italian citizenship through investment?

You can get Italian Citizenship through investment after 10 years of legal residency in Italy.
So, after getting the Italian residence permit as an Investor, you can aim for Italian Citizenship after 10 years of legal residency.

Is it possible to buy property in Italy and get residency?

Not yet. For the moment, Italy does not have a real estate option in the concept of “investment”.
So you cannot have a residency right only because you bought a house in Italy.