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In 2017, Italy began opening its doors to Investors outside the European Union.
The Government created a visa that allowed them to become residents.
These residents gained many of the same privileges that citizens did in the country.
One of these visas is the Investor Visa for Italy.
This Visa provides plenty of benefits for those willing to invest within the country.

However, the challenge that prevents most investors from getting an Investor Visa is the lack of help.
You need experts who can handle the process and update you along the way.
Investor Visa for Italy specializes in this and can help you get residency in the country.


What is the Investor Visa for Italy?

Learn the basis.
Requirements, the application process, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Investor Visa for Italy

Italy is one of the most culturally rich and artistic countries in the world. It provides easy access to the rest of the European Union.
You also get to stay by the Mediterranean Sea.
People from all around the globe seek residency here because of:

  • Diverse Nature: Italy has a rich landscape filled with all kinds of experiences.
    You can find mountains, beaches, and other beautiful natural sights.
  • Access to Premier Fashion: Italy is the home to many luxury fashion brands.
    Many of the iconic apparel seen in stores and magazines start here.
    This emphasis on fashion also means there are plenty of fashion events to attend year-round.
  • Climate and Weather: Italy boasts some of the most pleasant temperatures and climate year-round.
    Being near the Mediterranean also provides stress relief.
    If you ever find it too hot or cold, both beaches and mountain areas are accessible.
  • Food: Italian food is famous worldwide, and there is a reason why so many try to replicate it.
    Iconic food like pizza and pasta dishes are available in their original form here.
    Italy also boasts some of the best wines and desserts for enthusiasts wanting to expand their palate.
  • Quality of Life: Italy is open-air, and something is refreshing about it.
    You get the best of both worlds, having access to services and goods like you would in an ordinary city.
    Yet, you also have the freedom of an open-air scene filled with a rich history from Italy’s deep heritage.

Aside from these benefits, once you get residency, you are free to live in the country. That means you and your family can also study and work here if you want to.
With all the luxuries that Italy provides, it’s no wonder many seek the Italian Investor Visa program.
If you wish to help get a smooth experience in processing an Investor Visa for Italy, contact us today.

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Residency by investment in Italy means that you have to contribute to the country’s economy.
To gain consideration, you have to satisfy any one of the following conditions:

  • Contribute one million euros to Italy projects that benefit the country.
    It can be donations to the arts, ecology, education, culture, development, and the like.
  • Buy two million euros’ worth of government bonds.
  • Invest in shares of Italian companies worth around 500,000 euros.
    This value reduces to 250,000 euros if you choose to invest in startups.

Once you have the necessary documentation, we can help you with the application.
We can ensure a better chance of approval by checking every requirement.
You need to maintain this investment during the visa validity as a condition.
Any direct family members or dependents can also apply without having to pay more.

Once you get approval for the Visa, you’ll gain access to the many benefits the Visa provides.
These include:

  • A chance for citizenship (requires a 10-year residency)
  • Visa-free access to the Schengen Area of Europe
  • Access to the country’s medical care

With all the great benefits that come with the investor visa, it’s difficult to ignore.

We also make the process easier by doing most of the work on your behalf.
If you’re interested in starting an application, contact us today.

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The Investor Visa for Italy lasts for two years.
It is renewable for three more years through the Investor Visa Italy program.
However, during the time of the Visa, the investment must remain intact.
You’ll also have to buy or rent in the country to qualify.

Suppose you opt to complete the five years.
In that case, you can pursue a permanent resident status if you’ve already relocated to the country.

The most challenging part for many is the initial application.
However, you won’t have to worry about missing any important details with professionals like us at your side.
We’ll let you know if we need more information and will do our best to get the results you desire.
Contact us today, and we can begin working on your investor visa.

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